Yrumi by Yulia Rahmayani

Fashion is Architecture, it is a matter of Propositions and Perfect Combinations
(Coco Chanel)

Fashion is a form of self-expression. It's all about experimenting with looks and in many cases to attracting attention. Hijab, at the beginning is exactly the opposite. It's about modesty and attracting as little attention as possible. however a growing number of Muslim women are successfully blending the two. abundant inspiration from the catwalk, the high street and fashion magazines, and they give it a hijab-friendly twist - making sure that everything except the face and hands are covered. Then they are known as Hijabers.

Yrumi founded in early 2012 by Yulia Rahmayani and Septian Budhi Raharja. the name inspired by Raharja dream, he believe that dream is a "vision". A dream that lead both of us to set our goal together and create new path of our entrepreneurial life.
Combining our experience and expertise in business we believe that yrumi are not just another online store. Our misions is to spread out a massage of elegance and beauty of Islam in fashion world, and create timeless product with a fine regard for detail.. Yrumi is based in Bandung and Sukabumi, Indonesia. All Products are self produced, using finest quality materials, and up-to-date designs to fit with our customer's needs in fashion.

Welcome to Yrumi Store, we wish you a pleasant stay.